Jodie Byram

Your MLA for Agassiz

I’m Jodie Byram, a lifelong resident who knows our community inside and out. Now proudly serving as your Agassiz MLA and as the Shadow Minister for Labour, Immigration, and Workers Compensation, I’m more committed than ever to advocating for our region. I firmly believe in the incredible potential of our people and our communities to flourish together.

About Jodie byram

As your MLA, I am fully committed to serving Agassiz residents with dedication and passion. I’m here to listen to your concerns, understand your aspirations, and represent your interests at the legislative level. As your MLA, I will be your voice in the Manitoba Legislature, championing the needs of Agassiz.
Together let us build a brighter future for Agassiz and the entire province of Manitoba.


Empowering Agassiz with compassion and dedication, fostering prosperity, unity, and diversity for a brighter future.


A thriving, inclusive rural community in Agassiz, with equitable opportunities, essential services, and celebrated diversity.

What does a Member of the Legislative Assembly do?

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) play multifaceted roles that encompass legislators, area representatives, and often, holders of additional responsibilities called portfolios. As legislators, they navigate the intricacies of legislation, seeking to understand the purpose and historical context of existing laws while crafting new ones to align with the prevailing system of rules.

Beyond this, MLAs represent the geographic regions they were elected to serve. They act as advocates for constituents’ concerns, voice the general perspectives of their areas, and provide assistance to residents when they encounter challenges with government services. In essence, MLAs are the vital link between their constituents and the legislative process.

Advancing Agassiz Together

A Vision for a Stronger Community.

I will advocate for policies that support fair labour practices, workers’ rights, and workplace safety. This includes ensuring that Manitobans have access to good jobs with fair wages and working conditions.

Promoting skills development and workforce training programs to help Manitobans acquire the skills they need to thrive in our evolving job market.

Advocating for welcoming and inclusive immigration policies that attract diverse talent to Manitoba, enriching our communities and contributing to economic growth.

Supporting newcomers with integration and settlement services to help them successfully adapt to life in Manitoba.

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